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VR ‘Dead City’ during (long) weekend of immersion in the STUDIO

“Nightsss” at the Kinoteka Polish Film Festival in London

Nightsss/Noccc with an award for the best sound design!

Deep Dive and Nightsss at the goEast festival!

BLAST OF INVISIBLE RELATIONS – a virtual version of Steve Reich’s “Drumming” composition

Nightsss – a sensual VR experience of poetry, dance and nature  

Premiere of Nightsss/Noccc at Sundance Film Festival 2021!

Meet the creators of Nightsss!

Nightsss/Noccc in the XRMust database!

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio will conduct interdisciplinary artistic and research projects resulting in immersive experiences.

VR/AR Studio

From my point of view – a story about a subjective way of seeing

MEMESIS – an experimental VR experience on the border of game and movie

SELF – a journey into the human psyche

DEAD CITY – an interactive VR and opera experience

Somebody About You – experiencing the body as a medium

Deep Dive – a journey for two around a trauma that must be confronted

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – motion capture rehearsals

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – production/post-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – pre-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – post-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – pre-production

Results of vnLab competitions for 2020!

The VR/AR vnLab announces a competition for participation in the studio's art and research program.

VR/AR – Competition