“Nightsss” at the Kinoteka Polish Film Festival in London!

The VR “Nightsss” directed by Weronika Lewandowska and Sandra Frydrysiak will be presented on March 10-13 at the 20th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival at the Institute of Contemporary Arts ICA in London.

“Nightsss” is a virtual, erotic poem, which was created in less than half a year in our VR/AR Studio. An artistic animation with ASMR and interactive elements, which immerses the viewer in a sensual experience of poetry and dance. The script was based on a work by a spokenword poet, Weronika Lewandowska. The artist uses sounds characteristic of the Polish language, creating onomatopoeic landscapes that cross language barriers.

For more details visit the Polish Film Festival Kinoteka programme.