Meet the creators of Nightsss!

The VR experience Nightsss/Noccc is a project that, already in its first year, was recognized by the Sundance Film Festival – the largest international festival of independent film productions. Nightsss/Noccc will have its official premiere on January 29th and you can get tickets to immerse yourself in the virtual space of this erotic poem by following this LINK.

A group of experienced creators, artists specializing in the field of audiovisual arts, contributed to the success of the project. We are proud to present to you the full composition of the team:

Weronika Lewandowska – director, screenwriter and executive producer of the Nightsss/Noccc experience. She is interested in interdisciplinary projects that combine art, science, technology and the artistry of digitized storytelling.

Sandra Frydrysiak – director and scriptwriter of the Nightsss/Noccc experience. Researcher of dance perception, Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies at the SWPS University in Warsaw.

Piotr Apostel – programmer of integrated 3D environment on Unity engine for the Nightsss/Noccc experience. Author of games. When creating games and VR environments, he is most interested in building a multi-level world combining narrative with interaction.

Kaya Ko?odziejczyk – choreographer, dancer, and movement director for the Nightsss/Noccc experience.

Marcin Macuk – musician, instrumentalist and composer of the ambient soundscape of the Nightsss/Noccc experience.

Przemek Danowski – soundscape creator, composer of music for computer games, theater performances, films and other multimedia. His algorithms sculpted the sound space of the Nightsss/Noccc experience.

Arkadiusz Zub – graphic artist, animator and VJ. One of the designers of the visual environment and animation of Nightsss/Noccc experience.

Marek Straszak – visual artist with extensive experience in creating responsive multimedia installations and narrative data visualizations. One of the designers of the visual environment and animation of Nightsss/Noccc experience.