BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – production/post-production

During the pre-production stage, the winners of the competition take part in regular sessions organized by the VR/AR Studio Management. During this time, the artists verify their visions and, based on the suggestions of experts in new media and audiovisual arts, clarify the necessary technical needs. The next stage – production – is the time when the artists realize their projects. In the case of Nightsss/Noccc, production activities took place parallel to post-production work – the final stage of creating an audiovisual work.

The realization of the Nightsss/Noccc experience was accompanied by constant rehearsals. The directors Weronika Lewandowska and Sandra Frydrysiak used the space of L. Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź (TV hall) for the purpose of testing kinect equipment recording the dancer’s figure and movements. The effect, in the form of an anthropomorphic avatar, was embedded in prepared assets (ready-made elements of the virtual world presented) and the visual environment. The process of animation followed along with the correction of assets and expansion of the virtual space.

In the next phase, interactions were added and a visual representation of the imersant’s hands was introduced into the environment. The interaction mechanism for sound was also tested during these activities, and when the presented world took on clear structures work on sound design began. The final phase of the project included the preparation of menus, opening and closing credits.

Creating a visual environment for the experience Nightsss/Noccc
Creating textures for the experience Nightsss/Noccc
Creating assets for the experience Nightsss/Noccc
Embedding the avatar in the visual environment of the experience Nightsss/Noccc
The creators of the Nightsss/Noccc experience together with VR/AR Studio managers Pola Borkiewicz and Jacek Nagłowski during postproduction