BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – production

The production of an experience realized through the use of virtual reality technology functions on the principles of production stages, appropriate for the realization of a classic film work. However, the properties of VR force the filmmakers to use non-trivial artistic solutions.

Three days spent in the mud and bushes on the banks of the Vistula River acquired a taste for adventure. Thanks to their commitment and passion, the team succeeded in their plan. The production was fully realized in the open air, so the weather conditions were crucial for recording the individual sequences in natural light. Working in this mode was a huge challenge, especially for an experience like this where the atmosphere of the location plays such a big role.

Time and budget conditions forced the crew to cancel two out of three planned shots in motion. For the same reason, on the last day of shooting, director Miłosz Hermanowicz was forced to quickly change the staging of one scene, which had a great impact on testing all the narrative possibilities.

The physicality of the set (mud, bushes, no possibility to use vehicles), the difficulty of using power supply (limited to batteries and powerbanks), the uncertain weather conditions, all contributed to generating an appropriate world presented, creating great predispositions for an immersive experience. Production was the most intensive period, but also the shortest period of the entire project.

Deep Dive team complete
Helena Gandjalyan (Magda) during shooting
The Deep Dive experience was fully recorded with the Insta 360 Titan camera
Yann Ciennik during sound recording on set
Director Miłosz Hermanowicz with cinematographer Yann Seweryn. In the background actresses Magdalena Kuta (Magda's mother) and Helena Gandjalyan (Magda) with Artur Marchlewski – second director
Magdalena Kuta (Magda's mother) during shooting
The developers spent a tremendous amount of time adjusting to the outdoors
Miłosz Hermanowicz and Helena Gandjalyan during the consultation