VR/AR Studio

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio will conduct interdisciplinary artistic and research projects resulting in immersive experiences. Each year, five teams will be established, which will create at least five works with full documentation of their progress and indication of potential technical, artistic and production problems and their possible solutions. The process of creative experimentation will be thoroughly analyzed in order to form a new audiovisual language, with particular emphasis on critical reflection on the issues of immersive narratives. The completed works will also be the subject of research on audience perception with the use of neuroscience tools. Based on the results of research and analysis, there will be recommendations and scientific publications concerning the medium of contemporary audiovisual communication, expanding the field of human interaction with digital reality.

We encourage you to submit your projects as part of the open call for the VR/AR Laboratory of the Visual Narratives Lab at PWSFTviT for 2020.

Studio management:

Pola Borkiewicz, pborkiewicz@vnlab.org
Jacek Nag?owski, jnaglowski@vnlab.org