BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – motion capture rehearsals

VR Nightsss/Noccc is a several minutes long artistic animation, which sublimates the properties of erotic poetry into the structure of virtual reality. The original work of a female duo – Weronika Lewandowska and Sandra Frydrysiak – created within the scope of activities of the VR/AR Workshop, expects its world premiere on 29 JANUARY at the international festival of independent film productions – Sundance Film Festival.

Work on the Nightsss/Noccc project began in 2019. Since then, the team has participated in numerous sessions – regular meetings organized by the VR/AR Studio, during which the male and female filmmakers consulted their visions with the Studio’s Management – Pola Borkiewicz, Jacek Naglowski and the audiovisual arts specialists they invited. The performers were also accompanied by a PhD in film studies from the University of ?ód? and the head of the Film Education Department at the National Film Culture Center – Micha? Pabi?-Orzeszyna. In the VR/AR Studio he is responsible for conducting qualitative interviews with the project teams, thus realizing one of the methods of the complex research process that runs parallel to the experiments.

The following materials present activities on a key element of the Nightsss/Noccc experience – motion capture. S?awosz Tejkowski and Roman Savchenko were responsible for translating the dancer’s posture and movements into virtual space. Rehearsals took place in the television hall courtesy of the L. Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in ?ód?.

Nightsss team during motion capture rehearsals / photo: Magdalena Wo?owska
First attempts to capture real movement / photo by Magdalena Wo?owska
S?awosz Tejkowski and Roman Savchenko during their work on the actual shot of the dancer / photo: Magdalena Wo?owska
Directors Weronika Lewandowska and Sandra Frydrysiak coordinating the work / photo by Magdalena Wo?owska
A harness securing a dancer while performing a choreography / photo: Magdalena Wo?owska