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Results of the vnLab Interactive Narrative Studio competition for 2021! 

Chapter 1: Why social pictures? – Marta Ziółek

Chapter 1: Why social pictures?

Why pictures? – art and research project


The studio is dedicated to the research and development of new forms of narration, created as a result of using digital interactive technologies in documentary film and related forms, such as reportage or film essay

Laboratory of Interactive Narratives

On December 6, 2019, the vnLab jury settled the competition for participation in the vnLab art and research program.

Results of vnLab competitions for 2020!

The vnLab Laboratory of Interactive Narratives announces a competition for participation in the workshop's artistic and research program. We invite artists interested in creating autonomous, interactive digital photographic or film projects of documentary or artistic nature to participate.

Laboratory of Interactive Narratives – Open Call