Interactive Narratives, Digital Academic Publications, and UX Studio

Head: Krzysztof Pijarski

Project Manager: Katarzyna Boratyn

Collaboration: Frédéric Dubois, Sandra Gaudenzi

The Interactive Narratives, Digital Scientific Publications and UX Studio is dedicated to the study and development of new forms of narratives arising from the use of digital interactive technologies in documentary film and related forms such as reportage and film essay.

The area in which we believe the most active experimentation with different types of interaction, viewer activation, where photography and film meet with literary forms, audio experiences, elements of animation and even computer games, are interactive (fictional)documentary forms. We see this field as an area of creating new models of visual narration, as well as a place where film meets with other media, especially photography, which is one of the areas of specialization of the Film School; as well as with literature or artistic exhibition. Hence our need to explore the field of interactive forms, to actively participate in it, and to take part in its further development.

The Studio is also intended to play a supportive role in the relationship with other vnLab studios, supporting and developing ways of presenting content such as VR, stereoscopic film, film essay, or multi-media scholarly publications, as well as producing distribution versions of the best works created in the Lab.

In the Interactive Narrative Studio, we support the creation of selected narrative interactive forms. Each of the works is created in a process of both creativity and research: the aspiration of the Studio participants is to find an appropriate narrative structure for the story they are telling. In order to do so, they confront not only questions about who the audience of the works they are creating is, but also about what kind of experience the story they are telling offers, or what narrative structure or technology will achieve the target experience.

An important part of the Studio’s work is the development of digital scholarly publications, using a variety of media and interactive technologies to present and disseminate research findings. As a result, the Laboratory becomes a publisher of works created within the Visual Narrative Laboratory with the intention of creating a new space for making public not only artistic but also scientific works. The digital form of the publication makes it possible to include fragments of digital and film works in theoretical articles, to include other audiovisual forms which build the context of scientific expression, and above all, which are scientific forms, as well as contemporary forms of visualization.