VR ‘Dead City’ during (long) weekend of immersion in the STUDIO

Pre-premiere screenings of ‘Dead City’ will be presented during (long) Weekend of Immersion at the STUDIO Theater.

Dead City was directed by Krzysztof Grudzi?ski in the VR / AR vnLab Studio.

June 17 – June 19 (Friday-Sunday) 2022

“Dead City” is a narrative experience with elements of singing, contemporary and opera music, based on the poetic text of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s libretto of the same title. In pandemic-stricken Warsaw, the protagonist travels to the most important places in the city, saying goodbye to his deceased wife.

Friday, June 17: 15:00, 15:45, 16:30, 17:15, 18:00
Saturday and Sunday, June 18-19: 15:00, 15:45, 16:30, 17:15, 18:00, 18:45, 19:30, 20:15

More information on the event website.

Admission based on any ticket to the Weekend of Immersion, prior booking recommended