VR/AR studio – competition

The VR/AR vnLab announces a competition for participation in the studio’s art and research program.

We invite artists interested in creating ambitious narrative VR/AR forms to participate.

To participate in the competition you must:

  1. Read the REGULATIONS of the competition
  2. Prepare and send to KONKURSY@szkolafilmowawlodzi.pl the documents required in the regulations:
    1. curriculum vitae with documents confirming the experience required to participate in the competition
    2. portfolio of creative achievements to date
    3. documentation of an artistic or documentary project which the candidate plans to develop in an interactive form
  3. fill in the APPLICATION FORM

We invite you to participate in the competition!

Rules of the competition for participation in the artistic and research program of the VR/AR vnLab Studio.

§ I. Organizer and goal of the Contest

The organizer of the 2020 competition for participation in the VR/AR vnLab artistic and research program (hereinafter referred to as “the Competition”) is the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television, and Theatre in ?ód?, Laboratory of Visual Narration with its seat at 61/63 Targowa Street in ?ód?, 90-323 (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”). The goal of the Contest is to select five artistic virtual reality projects to participate in the artistic and research program of the VR/AR Laboratory at the Laboratory.

§ II. Participation in the VR/AR Laboratory Program

The VR/AR Studio is dedicated to the study and development of narrative forms within immersive experiences created through the use of digital virtual and augmented reality technologies. The activity of the studio consists of supporting the creation of selected narrative VR/AR forms and successively examining both the very process of creation of each work and (to a limited extent) the reception of these works and comparing this reception with the intentions of the creators. In the studio, 5 projects will be developed every year, brought within 12 months (from the beginning of January to the end of December) to the stage of finalized projects ready for distribution. Each of the works will be created in the process of both creativity and research: The participants of the studio will aim to find an appropriate narrative structure for the story they are telling, to select adequate means of expression, technological and production solutions, and finally to realize and post-produce the work. An important element of the program is the obligatory for the participants three-day workshops held at least once a month, during which the realization teams are supposed to develop their ideas and support with their knowledge and skills the development of other projects. Besides, each member of the realization team undertakes to prepare at the end of each production stage (pre-production, production, post-production) work in the form of concept descriptions and/or prototypes of those elements of the experience for the realization of which they are responsible (e.g. editing concept, sound concept, sound design prototype, graphic concepts, etc.).  Copies of all prototypes will remain in the Studio’s archives as sample material for further research and presentation. All creative processes and their effects may be subject to research.

§ III. Rules of participation in the Contest

  1. The Competition is open to individuals and teams of authors who have experience in creating artistic projects in the field of photography, film, theater, visual arts, artistic installations, or architecture, presented at festivals or individual or group exhibitions in recognized artistic centers.
  2. To participate in the Competition, an application must be submitted to the Organizer which includes:
    1. a completed and submitted application form available HERE, and including:
      1. title, short description, and emblem of the project
      2. name and surname or name of the candidate for the Contest,
      3. address of residence or the registered office of a candidate for the Contest,
      4. telephone number and email address,
      5. declaration: “I agree to participate in the 2020 vnLab VR/AR Studio Program Competition and accept its rules and regulations”,
    2. curriculum vitae with documents confirming the experience mentioned in paragraph 1 above.
    3. portfolio of creative achievements to date, confirming the experience referred to in paragraph 1 above. The portfolio may include links to film works and other multimedia content.
    4. Treatment of a narrative virtual reality experience to be implemented within the VR/AR studio
    5. The rationale for the choice of medium answering the questions: why VR is the most appropriate medium for this project / why this project lends itself to VR.
    6. Director’s/executive producer’s explication, including planned means of visual, audio, spatial, possibly interactive realization.
    7. MoodBook or MoodBoard of the experience
    8. Composition of the production team (preference will be given to the most complete teams including director, cinematographer/animator, producer, sound designer, editor/programmer. In the case of incomplete teams, the Lab offers assistance in finding missing team members if the project is selected for production, but the function of the director and the function of the producer must be filled at the time of application and confirmed by relevant experience. Each of the listed functions may be performed by one or more persons, it is also acceptable that one person performs more than one function, but it is required to demonstrate experience in each of the functions to be performed in the project.
    9. Experience budget within the range from 50 000 PLN to 80 000 PLN or more if the applicant has additional project financing. The Laboratory can carry out the project as a co-production, assuming, however, that the Laboratory remains the lead producer of the project regardless of the proportion of financial contribution to the production. All documents listed above, prepared in PDF format, and labeled [project emblem]-[“experience” or “treatment” or “MoodBook: etc.]-2019.pdf, should be addressed to KONKURSY@szkolafilmowawlodzi.pl, putting the project emblem in the email title.
  3. The project should meet the following requirements together:
    1. it constitutes the exclusive creation of the person (or team) making the application and its exclusive property, also in terms of the creator’s copyright, or at the time of submission of the project the necessary rights enabling the implementation of the experiment have already been acquired. In the latter case, it is necessary to enclose documents confirming the acquisition of rights
    2. has not been previously used in whole or in part in another interactive or multimedia project
  4. The deadline for submission of applications is 31 October 2019. Upon receipt of a complete entry, the Organizer will confirm acceptance of the entry to the Competition to the email address provided on the form.
  5. For the application to be considered successfully sent, the submitted files must be able to be read correctly.
  6. Each candidate for the Contest may submit only one entry to the Contest. The application may include a maximum of two Projects.
  7. Submitting an invalid entry may result in exclusion from the Competition of the Concept contained therein.
  8. Submitting an entry is voluntary and means in particular:
    1. acceptance and full acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations,
    2. consent to processing the applicant’s personal data for purposes related to the conduct, documentation, and promotion of the Competition. Clauses concerning the processing of personal data constitute Appendix No. … to these Regulations.
    3. to grant the Organizer, free of charge, a non-exclusive right, unlimited as to time and territory, to use and dispose of the submitted documentation of the Projects in all fields of exploitation, which especially includes the production of copies of the documentation by any technique and on any medium, marketing, public performance, exhibition, display, reproduction, broadcasting and rebroadcasting, as well as making the work available to the public in such a way that everyone can access it in a place and at a time individually chosen by them, including making it available via a computer network (especially Internet). The Organizer obtains these rights upon receiving the documentation for the Projects. These rights can only be used for documentation purposes, as well as for promotion and advertising of the Contest, and in information about the Contest and reporting about it.

§ IV. Settlement of the Competition

  1. The Competition is a one-stage event.
  2. The Jury evaluates submitted Projects, taking into consideration the following factors
    1. the artistic value of the Project,
    2. the artistic potential of the Project as an experience of virtual reality
    3. the originality of the Project in the context of existing forms of virtual reality experiences
    4. justification of the creator/s why he/she would like to implement the Project in the form of virtual reality experience (awareness of the medium),
    5. previous achievements of the creator/creators.
    6. Budget rationality of the project (production awareness)
    7. The compatibility of the project with the artistic and research goals of the VR/AR Studio, in particular the contribution to the development of the language of passive narratives in virtual reality or interactive narratives in virtual reality.
  3. Augmented reality (AR) and game-like projects will not be considered in this year’s competition.
  4. The jury will select 5 Projects to participate in the VR/AR vnLab artistic and research program for 2020.
  5. The results of the Competition will be announced on the Organizer’s website by 10.11.2019. The Organizer will notify the winners of the Contest results by email, to the email address indicated in the application form.

§ V. Clarifications to the statutory requirements

  1. In the course of the Contest, individuals and entities, including author teams, who intend to participate in the Contest, or who have made a successful application to the Contest, may contact the Organizer with questions related to the requirements of the project, according to the rules outlined in this paragraph.
  2. Questions referred to in paragraph 1 above should be directed by email to: KONKURSY@szkolafilmowawlodzi.pl and include the first and last name of the inquirer.
  3. Questions related to the Project requirements should be sent no later than October 9, 2019. These questions will be answered by the Organizer no later than October 20, 2019.
  4. The Organizer’s answers referred to in paragraph 3 above will be provided by publishing them on the Contest website.
  5. The published answers referred to in paragraph 4 above will be treated equally to the provisions of these Regulations in terms of the requirements for the Project.
  6. Questions sent after the deadline provided for in paragraph 3 above will not be answered.

§ VI. Jury

  1. The Jury members are appointed and dismissed by the Organizer’s Artistic Council.
  2. The Jury will judge the Projects based on their artistic merit and originality and other requirements included in these Rules and Regulations, as well as the answers provided by the Organizer referred to in § IV item 4 of these Rules and Regulations.
  3. Decisions of the Jury are taken by a simple majority of votes in the presence of the majority of the Jury members.
  4. Decisions of the Jury cannot be appealed.

§ VII. Copyrights

  1. The Laureate is a participant of the Contest, who, based on the Jury’s decision, was included in the VR/AR vnLab artistic and research program for the year 2020. The provisions of this paragraph concern the Laureate’s Concept, the “Concept” referred to in this paragraph should be understood as the Laureate’s Concept.
  2. All rights to the Project will be, based on a separate agreement, transferred to the manufacturer of the leading project, which is Leon Shiller National Higher School of Film, Television, and Theatre, under which the Organizer acquires all proprietary copyrights to the final work, covering all fields of exploitation known at the moment, and in particular
    1. production by any technique of copies (including printing, reprography, magnetic recording, and digital technique, in any system or format; on any media, uploading, downloading), digitalization,
    2. marketing, lending or leasing of the original or copies,
    3. public performance, exhibition, display, reproduction and broadcast (wireless or wire, by terrestrial station or by satellite) and rebroadcast, in any system, technique or format, as well as making the work available to the public in such a way that everyone can access it from a place and at a time individually chosen by them, making available as video-on-demand, webcasting, simulcasting, as well as making available through the use of streaming technology, high definition technology (HD), three-dimensional technology (3D) and VR technology, as well as within the framework of any telecommunication services with the use of any systems and devices (among others. including but not limited to cell phones, fixed and/or mobile computers, as well as transmissions using any available technologies e.g. GSM, UMTS, etc, using telecommunication data transmission networks),
    4. use in multimedia work,
    5. entering into the memory of a computer or other device, making it available through a computer network (including, in particular, the Internet, multimedia networks, and IPTV), as well as making available the possibility of reproduction through a computer network.
  3. The winner transfers onto the Organizer the exclusive and unlimited as to time and territory right to authorize the execution of derivative copyrights to the final VR work created in the VR/AR vnLab, in the fields of exploitation listed in point 5, in particular, to authorize the disposal and use of their development. The Winner also undertakes not to undertake any actions restricting this right in the future.
  4. The winner authorizes the Organizer to exercise his/her moral rights to the final VR work created at the VR/AR vnLab Studio and undertakes not to exercise his/her moral rights in a way that would limit the Organizer in exercising its rights to the said works. The preceding sentence refers in particular to the decision to make the works available to recipients (the public).
  5. The Organizer undertakes to make the final work available to the public in an open-access format as part of the vnLab digital publishing series at the Library and Film Information Centre of the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz.

§ VIII. Final Provisions

  1. In matters not reserved for the Jury’s decision, decisions are made by the Organiser. The Organiser will resolve any doubts concerning the interpretation of the present Rules and Regulations.
  2. The present Rules and Regulations have been prepared in Polish and English language versions. In case of any doubt, the Polish version shall prevail.
  3. In case of any disputes, the competent court is the common court according to the seat of the Organizer.