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vnLab projects competing at the 36th IDFA International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam!

Pilot 9/11 VR and Non Duality at Ji.hlava festival

Virtual experiences by vnLab in Prague

vnLab at the Digital Culture Forum in Gdansk

Virtual experiences by vnLab at the Patchlab Festival in Krakow

Polish premiere of VR Self on the Immersion Festival in Warsaw

Self – understanding the otherness

Closed Space – immersion in jiutamai dance

The Cave – adaptation of a classical Platonic metaphor

Multiverse – a multi-layered world in VR installation

Endless VR segue – sensual essay about identities in process

Wish You Were Here – an anti-documentary that breaks the rules of VR 

Pilot 9/11 – the story about coming out of trauma

Simple Songs about death – a technological meditation on death

Control Negative – the exercise in loss

Dead City – interaktive musical experience

World premiere of VR Control Negative at Dok Leipzig

“Deep Dive” at Belfast XR Festival

VR Nightsss presented at The Camera Action Festival

Dead City – an interactive opera experience

VR ‘Dead City’ during (long) weekend of immersion in the STUDIO

“Nightsss” at the Kinoteka Polish Film Festival in London

Nightsss/Noccc with an award for the best sound design!

Deep Dive and Nightsss at the goEast festival!

Blast of Invisible Relations – a virtual version of Steve Reich’s “Drumming” composition

Nightsss – a sensual VR experience of poetry, dance and nature  

Premiere of Nightsss/Noccc at Sundance Film Festival 2021!

Meet the creators of Nightsss!

Nightsss in the XRMust database!

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio will conduct interdisciplinary artistic and research projects resulting in immersive experiences.

VR/AR Studio

From my point of view – a story about a subjective way of seeing

Memesis – an experimental VR experience on the border of game and movie

Self – a journey into the human psyche

Dead City – an interactive VR and opera experience

Somebody About You – experiencing the body as a medium

Deep Dive – a journey for two around a trauma that must be confronted

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – motion capture rehearsals

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – production/post-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – pre-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – post-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – pre-production

Results of vnLab competitions for 2020!

The VR/AR vnLab announces a competition for participation in the studio's art and research program.

VR/AR studio – Competition