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A short conversation between a brother and a sister

Wanda – It was supposed to be a dream come true…

Non duality

Solaris Mon Amour – An extraordinary found footage documentary inspired by Stanis?aw Lem’s „Solaris”

The School, a world – interactive observation document

Subtotals by Mohammadreza Farzad – a meditation on the uncertainties of life

Self – understanding the otherness

Closed Space – immersion in jiutamai dance

The Cave – adaptation of a classical Platonic metaphor

Multiverse – a multi-layered world in VR installation

Endless VR segue – sensual essay about identities in process

Wish You Were Here – an anti-documentary that breaks the rules of VR 

Pilot 9/11 – the story about coming out of trauma

Simple Songs about death – a technological meditation on death

Control Negative – the exercise in loss

Dead City – an interactive opera experience


Blast of Invisible Relations – a virtual version of Steve Reich’s “Drumming” composition

Nightsss – a sensual VR experience of poetry, dance and nature  

From my point of view – a story about a subjective way of seeing

Memesis – an experimental VR experience on the border of game and movie

Self – a journey into the human psyche

Somebody About You – experiencing the body as a medium

Deep Dive – a journey for two around a trauma that must be confronted