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vnLab projects competing at the 36th IDFA International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam!

Pilot 9/11 VR and Non Duality at Ji.hlava festival

Virtual experiences by vnLab in Prague

Solaris Mon Amour at international festivals!

vnLab at the Digital Culture Forum in Gdansk

Virtual experiences by vnLab at the Patchlab Festival in Krakow

The Art and Design of XR – Proceedings

Room 404

A short conversation between a brother and a sister

Wanda – It was supposed to be a dream come true…

Non duality

IO4 – Publications

Solaris Mon Amour – An extraordinary found footage documentary inspired by Stanis?aw Lem’s „Solaris”

XR (&) Education – program and recordings

XR (&) Education symposium

Erasmus XR Winter Academy – Kraków

New Visual Narratives | Conference | 1-3.07 Lodz + online

Publab – toward the future of reading (and a standard for web publications)

Erasmus XR IO3 – Case Studies 

Polish premiere of VR Self on the Immersion Festival in Warsaw

The School, a world – interactive observation document

In Side – 3D stereoscopic short movie

Subtotals by Mohammadreza Farzad – a meditation on the uncertainties of life

Self – understanding the otherness

Closed Space – immersion in jiutamai dance

The Cave – adaptation of a classical Platonic metaphor

Multiverse – a multi-layered world in VR installation

Endless VR segue – sensual essay about identities in process

Wish You Were Here – an anti-documentary that breaks the rules of VR 

Pilot 9/11 – the story about coming out of trauma

Simple Songs about death – a technological meditation on death

Control Negative – the exercise in loss

Dead City – interaktive musical experience

Interactive Narratives and Essay Film Studio at 39. Kasseler Dokfest

Shooting of ‘In Side’ movie wrapped up

World premiere of VR Control Negative at Dok Leipzig

“Deep Dive” at Belfast XR Festival

VR Nightsss presented at The Camera Action Festival

The symposium was held on September 23-24, 2022 at the National Gallery in Athens

Multiplier Event: The art and design of XR

September 2022: training for academic staff on the use of immersion technologies was organized by The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Erasmus XR LTT Activity in Greece

Dead City – an interactive opera experience

Nominations for the Polish Film Institute Award

IO2 – syllabi

The Erasmus XR Summer School took place from 11 to 15 July 2022, on the campus in Msida belonging to the University of Malta

Erasmus XR Summer School

New Visual Narratives in Lodz is now over!

Golden Apricot Award for “Subtotals” at GAIFF2022

“Subtotals” at international film festivals

“Subtotals” at IFF New Horizons! 

VR ‘Dead City’ during (long) weekend of immersion in the STUDIO

IO1 – study program

“New Visual Narratives” conference on July 1-3, 2022

Polish premiere of “Subtotals” at MDAG

“Nightsss” at the Kinoteka Polish Film Festival in London

Conference „New Visual Narratives”

Module 1: the future of film?

Module 2: Visual essay and interactive narratives

Module 3: Audience and business models

Katja Schupp – Back to the future – interactive and immersive formats as an opportunity for non-fiction storytelling

Piotr Francuz. Virtual worlds from the evolutionary, neurocognitive, methodological and axiological perspective

Grzegorz Mazurek. Business models in media in the times of digital transformation.

Patrick von Sychowski. Cinema is an experience.

Marta Materska – Samek. Cinematic VR Business Model – A disruptive or a sustaining change?

Geogre Legrady. From hardwired to automation: visual narrative through computation

Roderick Coover. Cinema of immersion, interaction and database

Sara Kolster. To click or not to click?

Kuba Mikurda. An essay in space

Gaëlle Mourre. Do humans still have a monopoly on creativity?

Ludger Pfanz. Space-Time Narratives

Pola Borkiewicz. New XR narrative paradigm

Domna Banakou. Being somebody else: the future of narrative storytelling

Sylvia Rothe. Timeline vs Spaceline

“Subtotals” at Berlinale!

BEHIND THE SCENES: 2021 in the S3D Lab

Erasmus XR

S3D Studio in New York

The film shoot for In Side is underway

S3D Studio at StopTrik IFF

S3D studio halfway through the project

Summer School, Malta, July 2022 – registration

XR School in Malta

The Essay Film Studio of the Visual Narratives Laboratory vnLab of the Lodz Film School announces a competition for participation in the artistic and research programme in 2021-2022

ErasmusXR kick-off – summary

ErasmusXR – kick-off meeting

Results of the vnLab Interactive Narrative Studio competition for 2021! 

New scenography, new world

Seminar with Eyal Sivan

Chapter 1: Why social pictures?

Why pictures? – art and research project

Research on the Perception of Art Launched

The call for seminars at the vnLab Film Essay Studio has ended

Nightsss/Noccc with an award for the best sound design!

Deep Dive and Nightsss at the goEast festival!


Blast of Invisible Relations – a virtual version of Steve Reich’s “Drumming” composition

Nightsss – a sensual VR experience of poetry, dance and nature  

Premiere of Nightsss/Noccc at Sundance Film Festival 2021!

Meet the creators of Nightsss!

Nightsss in the XRMust database!

Call for applications for the Essay Film Studio at the vnLab of ?ód? Film School

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio will conduct interdisciplinary artistic and research projects resulting in immersive experiences.

VR/AR Studio

The workshop aims to explore the artistic and dramaturgical possibilities of registering stereoscopic images in "stop motion" techniques.

S3D Studio

The Audience Perception and Research Laboratory will carry out research on participants and creators of culture and other entities of the creative sector (CCI).

The Perception and Audience Research Laboratory

In the Live Experience Studio we carry out research projects: A system for immersive recording of "live VR" events and New forms of performing arts. Their aim is to explore new technologies as a means of communication - creating an immersive stage experience.

Live Experiences Laboratory

The aim of the Film Essay Studio is to radically expand the research workshop, to develop new methodologies and new forms of thinking - thinking with images, sounds and montage.

Essay Film Studio

Laboratory of Interactive Narratives


Privacy Policy

The Artistic Council at the Visual Narratives Lab plays an advisory role, not only in the process of creating new works at the Lab itself, but most importantly in the process of selecting new participants for our art and research program.

The Artistic Council

On December 16-18, 2019, the Live Experience Studio is planning to record 3 musical performances in VR technology

Live Experience Workshop!

Mieke Bal at the Film Essay Studio

Applications of new media in the activities of creative sector entities and in the decision-making processes of culture recipients

How does a viewer view a painting? How much does it depend on the type of painting and how much on the viewer himself? What influences how we view works of art?

Social determinants of contemporary art perception

The aim of the research team is to answer questions that concern filmmakers for the youngest children about the form, subject matter and impact of film on children aged 4-6 years.

Children’s Audience Research

Animoko – Training

The aim of the task is to develop standards for working with stereoscopic images in stop-motion productions and adapting them to the needs of dramatic narration in film works, and expand the possibilities of visual expression in S3D works.

S3D Studio

Essay Film Studio – statement

Script Meeting

From my point of view – a story about a subjective way of seeing

Memesis – an experimental VR experience on the border of game and movie

Self – a journey into the human psyche

Dead City – an interactive VR and opera experience

Somebody About You – experiencing the body as a medium

Deep Dive – a journey for two around a trauma that must be confronted

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – motion capture rehearsals

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – production/post-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Nightsss/Noccc – pre-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – post-production

BEHIND THE SCENES: Deep Dive – pre-production

Results of vnLab competitions for 2020!

Creators interested in creating challenging narrative S3D forms are invited to participate.

Competition for the position of scriptwriter

Creators interested in creating challenging narrative S3D forms are invited to participate.

Competition for the position of stereographer

Creators interested in creating challenging narrative S3D forms are invited to participate.

Competition for the position of director

Laboratory of Interactive Narratives – Open Call

The VR/AR vnLab announces a competition for participation in the studio's art and research program.

VR/AR studio – Competition