The Perception and Audience Research Laboratory

The Audience Perception and Research Laboratory will carry out research on participants and creators of culture and other entities of the creative sector (CCI). A special research group will be the youngest viewers and the content created for them (especially animated films). The subject of the research focuses on the significance of new media both in the processes of creation, promotion and distribution, as well as participation in visual culture in its broadest sense. In addition to research using classical methods of identifying the processes of cultural reception, we will use research entering the field of neuroscience (including neuroaesthetics), based among others on ophthalmographic (eyetracking) or biometric emotion research (face reading and GSR). We will try to find answers to questions bothering both researchers and artists: how the processes of cultural reception take place and what are their conditions.

The studio will provide research support to all other Laboratories, and from 2020 will announce a call for two additional research projects concerning the film sector.

Studio manager:

Anna Zarychta,