Live Experiences Laboratory

In the Live Experience Studio we carry out research projects: A system for immersive recording of “live VR” events and New forms of performing arts. Their aim is to explore new technologies as a means of communication – creating an immersive stage experience. By attempting to record musical performances, plays and performances in VR technology in order to find an appropriate way to narrate music and peri-theatrical practices, musical and stage experiences will be created that allow the audience to participate in the event in a full and attractive way.

Studio Manager:

Dariusz Kaminski,


System for immersive recording of live VR events

The aim of the project is to explore new technology as a medium – creating an immersive concert experience. As part of the project, “live VR” registrations of musical works in various casts will be created to test exactly how the setting of cameras and microphones affects the narrative of the transmission and how it affects the reception of the work. All of the material developed will be subjected to audience research at screenings specially prepared for the occasion. It is on the basis of this data and consultations with specialists that shortcomings will be verified and a “live VR” event recording system will be developed, which will allow to create a situation of presence in the concert hall in the full sense of the word – both in terms of sound and visuals.

Project Manager: Joanna Dobrzańska,

New forms of performing arts

The project focuses on narrations that arise from a combination of modern means of artistic expression (including technological tools) and forms derived from the tradition of theatrical areas of exploration with dominant actions of an acting nature. As a result of the studio’s activities, a space will be created to activate the university community in the area of performance art with the intention of creating a new space for making public not only artistic but also scientific works.
The main assumption of this project is to examine the process of creating an authorial performance/performance that intensively explores the ideas of performing arts and (in the aesthetic layer) other fields of art, whose common denominator will be a specific thematic and emotional range. The studio is also the development of the Kampus projects and the Film School’s YouTube channel.

Coordinator of the studio: Waclaw Mikłaszewski,