ERASMUS XR Multiplier Event: The Art and Design of XR

The program of the symposium is available at:

The art and design of XR symposium was held on September 23-24, 2022 at the National Gallery in Athens. On the first day, the participants were welcomed by Marta Marta Materska-Samek, Adnan Hadziselimovic, Krzysztof Pijarski and Dimitris Charitos – representatives of the Erasmus XR project and Prodromos Tsiavos from ONASSIS STEGI XR. People involved in the project also had the opportunity to talk about selected immersion activities. Members of the Department of Economics and Media Management from the Institute of Culture of the Jagiellonian University Marzena Bara?ska and Monika Hapek talked about the legal aspects of using augmented and virtual reality, Micha? Wójciak presented the phenomenon of digital fashion, and Marta Materska-Samek discussed the development of immersion technologies in relation to the Polish media market. Adnan Hadziselimovic, Fabrizio Cali and Letta Shtohryn presented the activities of the University of Malta in the field of digital arts. Krzysztof Pijarski from the Lodz Film School demonstrated immersive narrative explorations carried out as part of the Visual Narrative Laboratory – VNLab. The members of the Spatial Media Research Group: Dimitris Charitos, Charalampos Rizopoulos, Penny Papageorgopoulou and Iouliani Theona also gave speeches. Reported presentations by speakers on the first and second days covered five thematic areas: social and cultural perspectives of multi-user virtual environments, XR as a creative medium, cinematic VR, distribution and business aspects of immersive technologies, and immersion and audience participation in immersive events. There were also speeches by artists Chris Salter, Marcos Novak (University of California) and Michel Reilhac (Venice Art Biennale). On Saturday evening, participants could also see selected immersive projects at the Museum of the University of Athens, which is located in the historical district of Athens – Plaka.