The call for seminars at the vnLab Film Essay Studio has ended

The organizers received a dizzying number of applications – 270 people from all over the world expressed their desire to participate in the meetings! Thirteen filmmakers from France, India, Iran, Israel, Columbia, Mexico, Serbia, UK, USA and Poland have qualified for the workshop group which will develop their film essay projects over the next ten months in collaboration with guest tutors such as Eyal Sivan, Mark Cousins, Catherine Grant and Johan Grimonprez. The remaining candidates will be able to participate in the seminar as free listeners (with access to the whole seminar day) and observers (with access to the master class). Additionally, they will all have access to a platform where they will be able to publish and comment on each other’s essay and film works. The first seminar, hosted by director, lecturer and theorist Eyal Sivan, will take place on April 6.