Solaris Mon Amour at international festivals!

After screenings at major festivals in Poland, the foundfootage documentary, Solaris Mon Amour, directed by Kuba Mikurda and produced at the Essay Film Studio,  will see its international premiere! At the prestigious 21st edition of the Doc Lisboa festival, dedicated to documentaries and shown in Lisbon, it will be presented during just a single screening on October 26. 
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After Portugal, Solaris Mon Amour goes to the Imagine Fantastic Film Festival in Amsterdam. Imagine is the largest fantasy film festival in the Netherlands, showcasing the best fantasy, horror and science fiction films. Two screenings of the essay will be held at the Lab111 cinema on October 26 and October 31. 
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Solaris Mon Amour 
2023, 47 min. 
Awards and selections: 
2023 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity, nominations in the following categories – Best Polish Film Award, Best Production Award from post-production studio Smakjam, Studio Cinema Association Award. 
Director: Kuba Mikurda 
Editing: Laura Pawela 
Music: DJ Lenar 
Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk 
Produced by: Dagna Kido?, Krzysztof Franek, Krzysztof Pijarski