Pola Borkiewicz. New XR narrative paradigm

The XR Media Taxonomy (All Reality) is a subject of an ongoing discussion. This process takes place in the spectrum between the poles of Reality (physical) and Virtuality (synthetic), revealing the continuum of our experience (Milgram, 1994). In defining, in the broadest sense, the concept of cross-reality or XR, I refer to the X symbol as a mathematical variant that allows to describe potential realities (XR) emerging in the process of systematization of the categories of all experiences (VR, AR, MXR, MXYR, multiMXYR or AllR), (Mann, 2018). In practice, artistic and research activities, where the key aspect is communication within the work of interdisciplinary teams, there is a need to develop a common language that transcends hermetic areas of meaning within individual disciplines. From this need a project of codification of the media language of potential realities (XR) is born. It will have the form of a useful tool for both artists and researchers. In my speech, I would like to present the publication project I am currently developing on a digital publishing platform as well as the process related to the shaping of a new paradigm of spacial media narrative, starting with the virtual experience of 3D spherical film or Cinematic VR (CVR).



Head of VR/AR | Visual Narratives Laboratory | Lodz Film School.

Interdisciplinary artist, researcher, designer, director, cognitiveist, writer.

PhD student at the Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Psychophysiology of the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where she conducts research on the subject of Cinematic VR (New paradigm of the narrative of the spherical 3D VR movie. Research on immersion and the sense of presence in the film experience of virtual reality). 

She is working on a monograph about the Sign System of Audiovisual Language (SSOAV) and components of potential realities (xReality).

She publishes on cinematic VR narrative language and bioethical consequences of virtual environment development (AR/VR/MR).

She is involved in the broadly understood psychology of perception, new technologies and neuroaesthetics.