Conference „New Visual Narratives”

The first edition of the conference “New Visual Narratives” is the starting point for the activities of the Visual Narratives Lab at the Film School in Lodz, whose task is to explore and develop the new forms of visual narration that have been flourishing in the contemporary media landscape. The time for such a effort seems appropriate: the landscape in question has not only experienced a strong diversification over the last decade, but it is expected that in the coming years, as a result of the introduction of 5th generation wireless technology, we will face a real revolution. While the 20th century was without a doubt the age of film, today it seems that the future of visual narration will be multidirectional; it is shaped at the intersection of traditional film, theatre, television and photography with the contemporary, digital tools of visual communication. This development is also driven by the new needs and expectations of the recipients of these dynamically changing media, which also have to be thoroughly researched.

The presentations of and discussions with recognized artists, experts and researchers from the areas of interest of the vnLab’s individual workshops will allow us to recognize the current state of research on visual narration changing under the influence of technology and to present the most important artistic achievements in this field, and thus—to set the directions for further explorations, research and debates.

The material result of the conference will be a multi-media publication containing essays and papers written in response to the debates held during the conference, texts by invited authors, audiovisual research works, as well as records of these debates.

The programme of the conference will be divided into three modules:

Module 1: the future of film?

Module 2: Visual essay and interactive narratives

Module 3: Audience and business models


Roundtable discussion with all guests, concluding the symposium, moderated by Krzysztof Pijarski

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