Module 3: Audience and business models

It can be said that the closing module is the cement of the conference, combining all the already mentioned themes on a slightly different level. Here we will focus on the changing models of film financing and the need to find a way to monetize digital and interactive content. We will try to think about the reasons why some filmmakers and financing institutions or investors are interested in non-linear, interactive or participatory narratives and to answer the question: who are the contemporary audience: where, on what devices, and how do they watch films and other audiovisual content? How do they experience them, how is their attention formed, what are their habits and where do they come from? All this, of course, is connected with a further question: how to reach this new audience effectively? We will also be interested in how new narrative media change the processes of creating works, how the status of the creator changes in this context (especially in the face of the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning), how the behavior of cultural participants changes in the era of social and economic virtualization, what role the Internet plays in the decision-making processes of cultural participants, and to what extent access-based culture displaces culture based on ownership.

Module 3 participants:

Marta Materska – Samek – Cinematic VR Business Model – A disruptive or a sustaining change?

Patrick von Sychowski – Cinema is an experience

Grzegorz Mazurek – Business models in media in the times of digital transformation.

Piotr Francuz – Virtual worlds from the evolutionary, neurocognitive, methodological and axiological perspective

Katja Schupp – Back to the future – interactive and immersive formats as an opportunity for non-fiction storytelling

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