Marta Materska – Samek. Cinematic VR Business Model – A disruptive or a sustaining change?

Cinema, for over one hundred and twenty years, has been an important meeting place for the artists and their audiences. Despite the development of parallel distribution channels and repeated predictions of its replacement by VHS, DVD and recently VOD, it has not lost its importance and prestige in promoting and distributing the art of film. However, new, particularly immersive, forms of visual narration require specialised equipment and individual operating conditions, as well as verification whether existing funding, programming and distribution models are still valid. This analysis includes an overview of the factors that determine the development of new visual narrative projects, models for financing production, and discusses scenarios for the distribution and exploitation of immersive content in the context of the existing film distribution system in Europe.

Marta Materska – Samek

Experienced ICT project manager, expert in the field of cinema market and regional, national and European funds. Author of innovative projects introducing ICT tools in the area of education and cultural industries. She worked as president of the Cinema Development Foundation and coordinator of the Malopolska D-Cinemas Network – the first European cinema digitisation project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, distinguished by the European Parliament as an example among the challenges for European cinema in the digital age.