Ludger Pfanz. Space-Time Narratives

Over the coming decades new technologies, like AI and immersive new media, will change our lives and the way we perceive it beyond our imagination. But most new technologies like VR are not offset by adequate content. In most cases traditional stories are combined with VR effects – that is comparable to provide a silent movie with an audio track. My lecture is based on three hypotheses: firstly, this new technology can only achieve authenticity if the space (topos) is offered meaning already in the script and project development. Secondly, in VR one can no longer work with images (frames), for the technology requires a thinking in spheres. In addition, besides the construction of suspense or tension on the time-line, we also have to consider the tension of space – such as the vertical, horizontal and parallax tension. The lecture will focus on new narrative forms, from “space-time–experiences“ to “space-time narrations” and the quantum theory of digital dreams including an outlook to “artificial and artistic intelligence“.

Ludger Pfanz


Works as a producer, director and author. After studying theater and literature at the Free University of Berlin, he completed his diploma in filmmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg with honors.  He has been an instructor and head of the studios at the University of Arts and Design at the ZKM Karlsruhe since 1997. In 2010 he founded the research-laboratory “Expanded 3 Digital Cinema Lab”. Pflanz is Founder and Head of the “3D Alliance Karlsruhe”, the European program “Parallax” , the international VR Consortium, the international festival „BEYOND“, the international Symposium „Future Design- Artistic Visions for Europe and BEYOND“ and the „Future Design-Institute“.