Kuba Mikurda. An essay in space.

A discussion of three visual essays created by Kuba Mikurda & Jakub Woynarowski – “Gilliam’s Atlas” (2011), “Corpus Delicti” (2013) and “The Story of Landing” (2015). Mikurda & Woynarowski identify the priority of space over narrative in the work of Gilliam, Borowczyk, Lynch and Tarkowski and draw from their films to develop visual discourses that would properly capture their “spacialized narratives”, including maps, catalogues and 3-D models.

Kuba Mikurda

Kuba Mikurda is a film scholar and filmmaker based in Warsaw, Poland. He started as film critic, journalist and publisher, then worked as TV director and TV presenter for Canal+ Poland. He works as an Assistant Professor at Film School in Łódź where he runs the Essay Film Studio.