Virtual experiences by vnLab in Prague

The Art VR immersive art festival in Prague will present two VR experiences created by the VR/AR Studio: A Simple Song About Death by Maciej Czuchryta and Marta Wieczorek, and Wish You Were Here by Micha? Stankiewicz. 

A Simple Song About Death will compete in an interdisciplinary competition with 11 other projects from Central and Eastern Europe. Wish You Were Here, on the other hand, will be part of the exhibition “Dimensions of Empathy,” exploring the potential of the VR medium to build empathy and understanding regarding such topics as the climate crisis, women’s rights, racism and the struggles of indigenous peoples. 

The competition screenings will run from Oct. 31 to Nov. 5, and the exhibition from Oct. 31 to Dec. 3 at the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic.
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Simple Songs about death – a technological meditation on death

Situated between a simulator and a virtual sculpture, the VR experience aims to break social taboos concerning the dead body. The creators present the process of dying in its natural cycle, transferring it from the real tabooed space to the synthesized virtual environment. During a technological meditation, they invite viewers to reflect on mortality and passing.   

Maciej Czuchryta and Marta Wieczorek – a duo involved in directing and designing virtual and theatrical scenery, level design. As artists, they are interested in issues related to the dematerialisation of stage design and the impact of new technologies on viewers’ perception, juxtaposing the latest technological trends with traditional stage design.