Pilot 9/11 VR and Non Duality at Ji.hlava festival

The 27th International Documentary Film Festival Ji.hlava in Prague will present the Pilot 9/11 VR experience by Norman Leto, and Non Duality, a film essay by Tomasz Wegorzewski. 

Pilot 9/11, for which this will be the international premiere, was included in the competition section dedicated to virtual reality.
Tuesday, October 24, 4:00 pm
Wednesday, October 25, 10:00 am
Thursday, October 26, 10:00 am
Friday, October 27, 10:00 am
Saturday, October 28, 10:00 a.m.
Sunday, October 29, 10:00 am 

Non Duality, created at the Film Essay Studio, will be shown in the First Lights section on October 25 at 09:30.
Information and tickets: https://www.ji-hlava.com/

Virtual experiences by vnLab at the Patchlab Festival in Krakow

As part of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival, viewers will be able to enjoy two VR experiences created by the VR/AR Studio at the main exhibition. The theme of this year’s event is SPACE/S, or space and its different variations. 


  • From October 19 to 22 in the creative district of Weso?a, the following will be available to Patchlab audiences:  

VR Cave | Jowita Guja, Adam ??d?o, Duration: 10-15? 

The Cave is an interactive adaptation of Plato’s metaphor, preserving the meaning of the original, but setting it in a new context. The creators transfer the philosophical text to VR and present an experience that requires not only mental but also physical effort to emphasize the experiential nature of the philosophy. 

Pilot 9/11 VR | Norman Leto, Duration: 20? 

The experience depicts the events of September 11, 2001 from the unique perspective of military aviators who followed the hijacked passenger planes to prevent the tragedy. “Pilot 9/11” is a 20-minute story about recovery from trauma – both the broader, national one and the subjective, personal one.   

Venue: 15 Copernicus St., Tickets and information: https://en.patchlab.pl/program/exhibition/


  • October 20, 5:00 pm, VR: Open or Closed Space? Panel discussion 

Virtual reality creators and experts from Virtual Event Horizons, Dr. Jakub Wróblewski and Eliza Urwanowicz-Rojecka, as well as Jacek Nag?owski from the vnLab Laboratory, will take a critical look at the processes involved in immersive narrative spaces. They will also present the results of their research on how the audience perceives interactive narratives, as well as forecasts of, and tendencies in, the development of new digital experiences. The talk will be moderated by Dr. Jowita Guja, head of EduVRLab at AGH in Krakow. Admission to the event is free with a pass. 

Venue: Potocki Palace, Information and free tickets:

Pilot 9/11 – the story about coming out of trauma

Pilot 9/11 presents the events of 11 September 2001 from the unique perspective of military aviators who followed the hijacked passenger planes to prevent the tragedy. The assessment from their point of view sheds new light on the perfectly familiar images. The cramped cockpit of the plane contrasting with the boundless expanse of New York is the perfect environment for VR recreation. Although we are almost in the centre of events, we remain locked in the cockpit, like powerless observers. How do you remain fully focused and decisive while seeing desperate pleas for rescue and watching – without being able to help – the horror of scenes taking place just a few hundred metres away? Yet what happened at the World Trade Center is not, despite appearances, the main focus. Pilot 9/11 is a twenty-minute story about coming out of trauma – the wider, national one, and the subjective, personal one.    

Norman Leto (born ?ukasz Banach) – painter, director, new media artist. His first solo exhibition took place at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw in 2007. In 2009 and 2010, he completed his autobiographical novel Sailor and a full-length film under the same title. In 2012 Leto began work on Photon, his second feature film, which premiered at the international documentary film festivals CPH:DOX, Copenhagen 2017 and HotDocs, Toronto 2017, and had its Polish premiere at the 17th IFF T-Mobile New Horizons in the main competition. In 2017, Leto began work on the script for his new film Pilot 9/11, about the 9/11 terrorist attack as seen from the unique perspective of a real military pilot who tried to prevent the tragedy.