Chapter 1: Why social pictures?

In this interview with Nathan Jurgenson, we open the first of eight chapters of the project. Nathan Jurgenson is a social media theorist and author of the acclaimed book “The Social Photo: On photography and social media,” which will be released in Poland this fall. In the following weeks, Marta Zió?ek, Karol Radziszewski and Miros?aw Filiciak, among others, will present their commentary in the form of artwork, gesture or text.

We invite you to watch a teaser of this conversation:

The entire conversation as well as subsequent chapters and installments of the project will be published on a dedicated website.


Why pictures? – art and research project

The Laboratory of Interactive Narratives and UX at vnLab in collaboration with Krytyka Polityczna, Jasna 10, Krakow Photomonth and Widok magazine. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture are launching a long-term artistic and research project entitled Why pictures?

Its initiators and curators, Witek Orski and Krzysztof Pijarski, together with contemporary theoreticians and practitioners, will look at the global republic of images, searching for the democratic and communal potential of photography.

We are interested in the reflection on the contemporary status and circulation of images, as well as – or perhaps above all – their causality, texture, and life. The whole project is divided into chapters – within each chapter we would like to initiate an artistic and intellectual exchange, which will consist of reactions to the opening conversation and to statements and gestures of predecessors and predecessors.

Subsequent chapters and episodes of the project will be published on a dedicated website.