Makeshift is a documentary project about Bosnia and Herzegovina, about the recent war and the processes of rewriting history after the truce. The project focuses on documenting sites where crimes were committed against civilians, through the prism of their reintegration as public places. All the work resulted from the author’s research based on UN and ICTY court documents. So far, it has been presented in the form of three solo exhibitions, several group exhibitions, awarded in competitions and published.

The author of Makeshift is Pawe? Starzec – photographer, sociologist, documentary filmmaker. He is primarily interested in correlations between space and its context, and in perceiving broader processes through their consequences and peripheries. Visual sociologist, dealing with contemporary iconography and visual narratives. Lecturer and academic teacher, creator of workshop programs, currently member of the artistic and educational collective Azimuth Press. Doctoral student at the Faculty of Applied Sociology, University of Warsaw, student at the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava (MA). Musician and sound artist, currently playing in the band Mazut, as well as solo as Industry Standard or Centralia. Enthusiast of DIY / zine culture. was created in the Laboratory of Interactive Narrations vnLab at the Film School in ?ód?, under the care of studio managers Katarzyna Boratyn and Krzysztof Pijarski and in close cooperation with Micha? Szota, who took care of the graphic design and programming.

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