Solaris Mon Amour at international festivals!

After screenings at major festivals in Poland, the foundfootage documentary, Solaris Mon Amour, directed by Kuba Mikurda and produced at the Essay Film Studio,  will see its international premiere! At the prestigious 21st edition of the Doc Lisboa festival, dedicated to documentaries and shown in Lisbon, it will be presented during just a single screening on October 26. 
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After Portugal, Solaris Mon Amour goes to the Imagine Fantastic Film Festival in Amsterdam. Imagine is the largest fantasy film festival in the Netherlands, showcasing the best fantasy, horror and science fiction films. Two screenings of the essay will be held at the Lab111 cinema on October 26 and October 31. 
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Solaris Mon Amour 
2023, 47 min. 
Awards and selections: 
2023 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity, nominations in the following categories – Best Polish Film Award, Best Production Award from post-production studio Smakjam, Studio Cinema Association Award. 
Director: Kuba Mikurda 
Editing: Laura Pawela 
Music: DJ Lenar 
Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk 
Produced by: Dagna Kido?, Krzysztof Franek, Krzysztof Pijarski 

Film essays by vnLab at the Camera Action Festival

The 14th edition of the Kamera Akcja Festival, an event dedicated to film criticism, will feature new productions created at the Film Essay Studio. The Action Education series accompanying the festival will include screenings, meetings and the premiere of the vnLab digital publication.


  • October 13, 5:00 pm, Essay on Method meeting. Premiere of the digital publication on the gestures of the film essay 

Stanislaw Liguzinski and Michal Matuszewicz, directors of the Film Essay Studio, will present the digital publication Essay on the Method, edited by Stanislaw Liguzinski and Ariel Avissar. This anthology of ten texts is the result of a joint journey that filmmakers, artists, scholars and members of the vnLab Film Essay Workshop working group took between March 2021 and December 2022. 

Venue: Museum of Cinematography, free admission.
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  • October 14, 1:00 pm, screening of the essay Solaris Mon Amour, directed by Kuba Mikurda, 2023. 

After the screening, there is a meeting with the filmmakers – Kuba Mikurda, Laura Pawela, Marcin Lenarczyk, hosted by Kaja Klimek. 

Venue: Cinema of the Film School, free entrance.
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  • October 15, 5:45 pm, screening of essays produced at the Film Essay Workshop. 

The program includes: 

A short conversation between brother and sister, by Temra Pavlovi?, Stefan Pavlovi?, Poland, Netherlands 2023, 27’21”
Room 404, dir. by Elysa Wendi, Lee Wai Shing, Poland, Hong Kong 2023, 29’40”
Non Duality, dir. by Tomasz W?gorzewski, Poland 2023, 25”
Wanda, dir. by Anna Baumgart, Poland 2023, 20’53”
Subtotals, dir. by Mohammadreza Farzad, Poland, Germany, Iran 2022, 16′ 

Venue: Kinematograf Cinema, Museum of Cinematography, admission free.
More information:

Solaris Mon Amour – An extraordinary found footage documentary inspired by Stanis?aw Lem’s „Solaris”

A trance-like, personal story about loss, mourning & memory. The film consists of excerpts from 70 films produced by the Educational Film Studio in Lodz in the 1960s and the first radio adaptations of “Solaris.” Lem begins writing „Solaris” the same year that Resnais’ „Hiroshima Mon Amour” is released” – says Kuba Mikurda – Like Resnais’ film, I find „Solaris” a fascinating study of post-traumatic memory – repressed memories that pave their way into consciousness and demand to be expressed.

Kuba Mikurda – film director & film scholar. He has worked as a film critic, journalist and publisher. In 2018, he made his film debut, a feature-length documentary „Love Express. The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk” and in 2021 „Escape to the Silver Globe” which won three awards at the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival, an award from the Polish Filmmakers Association at the Man in Danger festival, and was nominated for the Polish Film Award Eagles 2022 in the categories of best documentary and best editing. He teaches at the Film School in ?ód? & hosts the podcast „Director’s Cut”.