The shooting of the film ‘In Side’ has wrapped up

We’re thrilled to announce that the filming of ‘In Side’ movie & research project, as a part of S3D Studio works, is finally completed. Big thanks to the whole team and everyone who supported us during those last three years. The editing process is already done and we move on to the post-production.

The premiere of the ‘In Side’ project is planned for Feb 2023.
Keep your fingers crossed & follow the next stages!

The world premiere of VR Control Negative dir. Monika Mas?o? at Dok Leipzig!

The Western culture of self-optimisation is based on the idea that one can control all aspects of life. This VR experience subjects us to a psychological experiment, confronting us with feelings such as frustration, helplessness, stress, rage and grief to show: Control is an illusion. Step by step, we are led from physical activation to contemplative perception. (Lars Rummel, curator of immersive media programme) This work is part of the exhibition Extended Reality: DOK Neuland. 18-23.10.2022 Museum of Fine Arts (MdbK) Leipzig Tues, Thur – Sun | 11:00–18:00 Wed | 12:00–20:00

The work is part of the exhibition Extended Reality: DOK Neuland.

18-23.10.2022 Museum of Fine Arts (MdbK) Leipzig

Tues, Thur – Sun | 11:00–18:00

Wed | 12:00–20:00


Visit the website for more information.

Deep Dive will be presented at the Belfast XR Festival

The Belfast XR Festival is part of the Belfast Film Festival which runs from 3 to 12 November 2022.

The XR programme will be presented on 9th November in The Black Box in Belfast.?

Lost on the wild side of a river, where fears and hopes blend with reality, Magda, a young woman, is fighting for her child and facing the most painful loss of her life. Deep Dive creates a sensual and emotional world to tell a wandering tale of two people and the shared trauma yet to be faced.??

For more information visit the festival website.

VR Nightsss at the Camera Action Festival in ?ód?

VR Nightsss by Weronika Lewandowska and Sandra Frydrysiak will be presented the Camera Action Festival at the Film School in ?ód?

October 13-16, Szklarnia Gallery, New Media Building

“Noccc” is a virtual, erotic poem in which the audience is invited to an interactive experience of poetry and dance. The starting point for the experimental VR animation was a slam poem by Weronika Lewandowska. The artist uses sounds characteristic of the Polish language, creating onomatopoeic landscapes that cross language barriers. To create the artist’s experience, she was inspired by a research project devoted to the perception of dance and movement in virtual reality, which they carried out at the SWPS University while writing their doctoral dissertations on art. “Nightsss” is the first Polish VR production that premiered at Sundance – the most important festival of independent cinema in the world.

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ERASMUS XR Multiplier Event: The Art and Design of XR

The program of the symposium is available at:

The art and design of XR symposium was held on September 23-24, 2022 at the National Gallery in Athens. On the first day, the participants were welcomed by Marta Marta Materska-Samek, Adnan Hadziselimovic, Krzysztof Pijarski and Dimitris Charitos – representatives of the Erasmus XR project and Prodromos Tsiavos from ONASSIS STEGI XR. People involved in the project also had the opportunity to talk about selected immersion activities. Members of the Department of Economics and Media Management from the Institute of Culture of the Jagiellonian University Marzena Bara?ska and Monika Hapek talked about the legal aspects of using augmented and virtual reality, Micha? Wójciak presented the phenomenon of digital fashion, and Marta Materska-Samek discussed the development of immersion technologies in relation to the Polish media market. Adnan Hadziselimovic, Fabrizio Cali and Letta Shtohryn presented the activities of the University of Malta in the field of digital arts. Krzysztof Pijarski from the Lodz Film School demonstrated immersive narrative explorations carried out as part of the Visual Narrative Laboratory – VNLab. The members of the Spatial Media Research Group: Dimitris Charitos, Charalampos Rizopoulos, Penny Papageorgopoulou and Iouliani Theona also gave speeches. Reported presentations by speakers on the first and second days covered five thematic areas: social and cultural perspectives of multi-user virtual environments, XR as a creative medium, cinematic VR, distribution and business aspects of immersive technologies, and immersion and audience participation in immersive events. There were also speeches by artists Chris Salter, Marcos Novak (University of California) and Michel Reilhac (Venice Art Biennale). On Saturday evening, participants could also see selected immersive projects at the Museum of the University of Athens, which is located in the historical district of Athens – Plaka.

Erasmus XR LTT Activity in Greece

September training for academic staff on the use of immersion technologies was organized by The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. It was attended by representatives of The Institute of Culture of The Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Film School in Lodz and the University of Malta. The first two days of the training took place in the residence of the Department of Communication and Media Studies in Athens. During these days participants of Post Graduate course on Virtual Environment Design presented their projects and talked about the design process and sources of inspiration. Also the Spatial Media Research Group featured their immersion productions, a.o. Polispective and ATHsENSe. On the third day, the participants moved to the post-industrial headquarters of the University of Athens in Psachna, which is home to the Department of Digital Arts and Cinema. The two-day workshop gave the opportunity to learn about the technology of creating 3D models with using of simple iOS and Android applications, e.g. Scaniverse. The task of the participants was to scan the elements of nature. Then the elements were collected and used as elements of augmented reality. LTT Activity in Greece was also an opportunity to discuss the ideas of the final publication in the field of immersion experiences, the organization of the Winter School at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University in February 2023 and the international conference in Lodz. These activities are part of the Experience and immersive technologies – from creative practice to educational theory funder the supervision of Marta Materska-Samek. And financed by Erasmus+ program.