VR ‘Dead City’ during (long) weekend of immersion in the STUDIO

Pre-premiere screenings of ‘Dead City’ will be presented during (long) Weekend of Immersion at the STUDIO Theater.

Dead City was directed by Krzysztof Grudzi?ski in the VR / AR vnLab Studio.

June 17 – June 19 (Friday-Sunday) 2022

“Dead City” is a narrative experience with elements of singing, contemporary and opera music, based on the poetic text of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s libretto of the same title. In pandemic-stricken Warsaw, the protagonist travels to the most important places in the city, saying goodbye to his deceased wife.

Friday, June 17: 15:00, 15:45, 16:30, 17:15, 18:00
Saturday and Sunday, June 18-19: 15:00, 15:45, 16:30, 17:15, 18:00, 18:45, 19:30, 20:15

More information on the event website.

Admission based on any ticket to the Weekend of Immersion, prior booking recommended

IO1 – study program

The project assumed the development of four intellectual outputs, which are expected to allow the introduction of educational content concerning immersive technologies into the curricula of studies conducted by the partner universities.

It was assumed that the study program (IO1) will include an analysis of the following issues:

  1. profile of the graduate,
  2. matrix of educational results with a description of the assumed educational results for the study program,
  3. curriculum with calculation of the number of ECTS credits,
  4. study plan.

In addition, it was agreed that IO1 would be the basis for further work on the intellectual outputs, and at the same time it must be based on a thorough review and research on the expectations of the labor market as to the specific profile of the graduate, his competences, and skills necessary to manage immersive experiences or create and develop immersive content. The partners also agreed that a graduate would move freely in a new dimension of culture, a generative culture that would not treat audiences “as viewers or listeners, but as users. It would take as its model the laboratory or designer’s workshop, and such models of operation as the experimental or rapid prototyping process. Its activities would be based on the principles of openness, networking, and non-hierarchical cooperation among participants – mapping the models of cooperation developed online, in free software and free culture projects.”

These assumptions have been reflected in the presented program, with the caveat that the change in the form of presentation of learning outcomes is no longer in the form of a cross table linking the subjects to the outcomes but will put a more general tabular statement (matrix). The coordination of the working group working on the first result was handled by Dr. Katarzyna Kope? – director of didactics at the Institute of Culture representing the Project Leader.

The full document can be consulted HERE (in Polish).