BEHIND THE SCENES: 2021 in the S3D Lab

In the past year, the S3D Studio team had the pleasure to work on new stereoscopic issues. This time was full of new challenges for members of the team. Another year of work on the “In Side” project has shown that the system of cyclic laboratories is beneficial for the realized project because it allows for careful pre-production of particular stages and precise preparation of assumptions. Our work was in a two-session system and we realized two research sessions (12 shooting days) directly after each other. The first shooting period took place in July, the second in September and the last in November. An important element of our work was to produce a trailer for the film “In Side”, which had its premiere during a visual seminar at the Film School in ?ód?. From the point of view of stereoscopy, the biggest novelty this year was the start of work on the creation of virtual scenery.
In 2021, we shot over four and a half minutes of material consisting of about seventy shots. The result of the workshop is over nine minutes of research material. The footage was shot in stop-motion puppet animation technique using a motion control robot (Animoco). The research team of S3D Studio focused their work on the following stereoscopic issues: convergent vs. parallel convergence, use of non-standard lenses (shift- tilt, baby lens, fisheye, macro lenses, etc.), the issue of fast editing, changing the camera’s positioning, the use of the camera’s lenses, the use of the camera’s lenses, the use of the camera’s lenses, the use of the camera’s lenses, the use of the camera’s lenses, etc. ), quick editing, changing the base, convergence during the shot, spatial effects interpretations, sense of depth vs. foreground, vertigo effect, use of macro imaging, CGI and transparency, selected editing issues (interstices and wide planes), floating window, multiring, shooting through distorting media, and out of focus vs. sense of depth. In the middle of the year 2021, the team of the S3D Studio has expanded with the postproduction department, which is supervised by dr. Piotr Napieralski, lecturer at the Technical University of ?ód?. Together, we worked on modeling and texturing the virtual decoration extension and cleaning the footage.
The year 2021 is the third year of the S3D Studio. The gradual discovery of successive stereoscopic creations before our eyes arouses our constant curiosity and delight. The year 2022, apart from the planned six shooting sessions, will focus on the issues related to the postproduction of the image and the work summarizing the entire research project.

IN SIDE film trailer