Results of the vnLab Interactive Narrative Studio competition for 2021!

On April 26, 2021 the vnLab jury composed of:

Andrzej Sapija, Krzysztof Pijarski, Magdalena Soboci?ska, Paulina Borkiewicz, Katarzyna Boratyn

settled the competition for participation in the artistic and research program of the vnLab Interactive Narration and UX Studio. Krzysztof Franek, Katarzyna M?ka-Malaty?ska and Kuba Mikurda also participated in the evaluation of the applications. Andrzej Sapija was invited to participate in the work of the jury in place of Piotr Mikucki; Professor Sapija’s voice proved invaluable in the discussion on the applications, for which we would like to thank him.

Interactive Narrative Workshop 

Szko?a ?wiat – the team represented by Ewa Jarosz
Zarastanie– the DIGIART team (Angelika Cebula, Jakub Ciosi?ski, Kinga Bo?kiewicz, Sebastian Duran, Iga Filimowska, Adam Grygierzec, Mateusz Brzezicki, Jakub Gad)
Krajobrazy ?rodka – Marta Zgierska
Cicer cum Caule – Anna Desponds
Internet platform for the online presentation of exhibitions by foreign artists living in Poland – ZA*Grupa (Vera Zalutskaya, Yuriy Biley, Yulia Krivich), * foreign artists living in Poland.


It is worth emphasizing that this year the level of applications was extremely high, which made the members of the jury face a real challenge. For this reason, honorable mentions were also awarded to the following two projects:


Inhibitor – Wojciech Olchowski
51% – silent voice of the majority – Karolina ?migiel / UNI-SOLO Studio


The Interactive Narrative Studio team will make every effort to support the development of these projects.

We would like to thank the members of the Artistic Council for their participation in the Jury’s deliberations.

We congratulate all the contestants and look forward to working with the teams accepted to the Studio.

Thank you!

The vnLab Interactive Narrative and UX Studio Team

New scenography, new world

The next research session of the S3D vnLab Visual Narrative Laboratory team is underway. The team is shooting in a new scenography – the protagonist will face the search for a solution in completely surprising circumstances.

During the two-week set, the team will work on a scene about fighting against time. The team will focus on the main cinematographer-stereographic assumption, which is operating on the limits of stereoscopic parameters and strong introduction of so called foreground.

This is the fifth meeting of the project and the first in 2021. The work will also be accompanied by extensive documentation of the laboratory task on spatial dependencies and relations of objects to each other in the stereoscopic image.This experience the team of the laboratory will share soon.

The activities undertaken in the S3D vnLab are aimed at developing standards for working with stereoscopic images in stop motion productions and adapting them to the needs of dramatic narration in film works, as well as expanding the possibilities of visual expression in S3D works. The result of the 4-year project will be a stereoscopic animated film in stop motion with the working title “In Side”. There are also plans to create a textbook on stereoscopy in animated film.

The S3D vnLab design team includes: Piotr Matysiak – studio manager and cinematographer, Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi – director, Mi?osz Hermanowicz – stereographer, Bartosz Kotarski – animator, Agnieszka Miko?ajczyk – puppeteer, Marcin Jasi?ski – set designer, Marta Chy?a-Janicka – scriptdoctor, Justyna Ruci?ska – deputy studio manager and production manager, J?drzej Hejduk – production assistant, Tomasz ?aptaszy?ski – still photographer, as well as Ma?gorzata Gontarska – communications specialist and Miko?aj Zacharow responsible for the production. Miko?aj Zacharow responsible for technical support and motion control.

The next session will take place at the turn of June and July.


Seminar with Eyal Sivan

A double seminar led by documentary filmmaker, lecturer and film essayist Eyal Sivan was held in April. The first part was attended by about 180 listeners, while the second part was attended by a working group of 12 people to whom Eyal Sivan offered to make short film abstracts on essay projects they were developing.

Eyal Sivan was born in 1964 in Haifa, Israel and grew up in Jerusalem. After working as a professional photographer in Tel Aviv, he left Israel in 1985 and settled in France. Sivan has directed several acclaimed political documentaries, as well as produced films by other filmmakers. His films, screened and awarded at major festivals around the world, focus on individual stories and social memory. Sivan’s best-known films include “The Specialist – Portrait of a Modern Criminal” (1999), “Route 181 – Fragments of a journey in Palestine Israel” (2003) and “Jaffa, the orange’s clockwork” (2009). Sivan is the founder and artistic director of the Paris-based production company Momento! and the film distribution agency Scalpel, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of “South Cinema Notebooks” – a journal on cinema and politics published by Sapir Academic College in Israel, where he regularly teaches. In recent years, Sivan has been a lecturer in media production at the School of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI), at the University of East London (UEL), where he co-led the MA program in Film, Video and New Media, and a professor at the Netherlands Film Academy. Sivan currently works with the University of Exeter in the UK and is a member of the editorial board of La Fabrique Editions in Paris.

The next seminars, hosted by film scholar, film critic and film essayist Catherine Grant, will take place on May 4 and 17.