Chapter 1: Why social pictures?

In this interview with Nathan Jurgenson, we open the first of eight chapters of the project. Nathan Jurgenson is a social media theorist and author of the acclaimed book “The Social Photo: On photography and social media,” which will be released in Poland this fall. In the following weeks, Marta Zió?ek, Karol Radziszewski and Miros?aw Filiciak, among others, will present their commentary in the form of artwork, gesture or text.

We invite you to watch a teaser of this conversation:

The entire conversation as well as subsequent chapters and installments of the project will be published on a dedicated website.


Why pictures? – art and research project

The Laboratory of Interactive Narratives and UX at vnLab in collaboration with Krytyka Polityczna, Jasna 10, Krakow Photomonth and Widok magazine. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture are launching a long-term artistic and research project entitled Why pictures?

Its initiators and curators, Witek Orski and Krzysztof Pijarski, together with contemporary theoreticians and practitioners, will look at the global republic of images, searching for the democratic and communal potential of photography.

We are interested in the reflection on the contemporary status and circulation of images, as well as – or perhaps above all – their causality, texture, and life. The whole project is divided into chapters – within each chapter we would like to initiate an artistic and intellectual exchange, which will consist of reactions to the opening conversation and to statements and gestures of predecessors and predecessors.

Subsequent chapters and episodes of the project will be published on a dedicated website.


Research on the Perception of Art Launched

Sociological research by Dagna Kido?, a PhD student, into the reception of contemporary art using eye tracking technology is underway. Respondents are subjected to experiments in Warsaw and Lodz. During the sessions, they watch art installations, give interviews and solve tests. The qualitative and quantitative data obtained is intended to demonstrate how modern art is read and understood by visitors to galleries and museums. A Pupil Labs Invisible mobile eye tracker is used to measure eye movement.

The call for seminars at the vnLab Film Essay Studio has ended

The organizers received a dizzying number of applications – 270 people from all over the world expressed their desire to participate in the meetings! Thirteen filmmakers from France, India, Iran, Israel, Columbia, Mexico, Serbia, UK, USA and Poland have qualified for the workshop group which will develop their film essay projects over the next ten months in collaboration with guest tutors such as Eyal Sivan, Mark Cousins, Catherine Grant and Johan Grimonprez. The remaining candidates will be able to participate in the seminar as free listeners (with access to the whole seminar day) and observers (with access to the master class). Additionally, they will all have access to a platform where they will be able to publish and comment on each other’s essay and film works. The first seminar, hosted by director, lecturer and theorist Eyal Sivan, will take place on April 6.

Nightsss/Noccc with an award for the best sound design!

We are happy to announce that the Nightsss/Noccc project (dir. Weronika Lewandowska, Sandra Frydrysiak), created by the VR/AR Studio, won the Best VR Sound Design Award at the Cinequest independent film festival in San Jose, USA!

Responsible for the creation of the audio space in the virtual environment of the Nightsss/Noccc experience are: Przemek Danowski (his algorithms sculpted the sound space of the piece) and Marcin Macuk (composer of the ambient soundscape of the experience).

Congratulations to the creators!

VR/AR Studio vnLab

Deep Dive and Nightsss at the goEast festival!

We are happy to announce that the projects Nightsss (dir. Weronika Lewandowska, Sandra Frydrysiak) and Deep Dive (dir. Mi?osz Hermanowicz), created by the VR/AR Lab, were selected for this year’s edition of the international film festival goEast!

This is another award for Polish artists associated with the Visual Narration Laboratory at the Leon Schiller PWSFTviT in Lodz. In 2020 Jacek Nag?owski (virtual reality expert at the VR/AR Lab) and Patryk Jordanowicz (director of the currently in development SELF project) received the Open Frame Award at the goEast festival for their VR documentary Whispers. The jury justified their choice by pointing out “the way the theme of healing and the impenetrable forces of life and death is presented in a unique, poetic way – all the more so in times when we stand on the brink of both these elements. In “Whispers,” each scene resembles a living painting, a visual feast of color and composition. A true feat of virtual reality […]”.

Huge congratulations to Nightsss and Deep Dive!


VR/AR vnLab


Makeshift is a documentary project about Bosnia and Herzegovina, about the recent war and the processes of rewriting history after the truce. The project focuses on documenting sites where crimes were committed against civilians, through the prism of their reintegration as public places. All the work resulted from the author’s research based on UN and ICTY court documents. So far, it has been presented in the form of three solo exhibitions, several group exhibitions, awarded in competitions and published.

The author of Makeshift is Pawe? Starzec – photographer, sociologist, documentary filmmaker. He is primarily interested in correlations between space and its context, and in perceiving broader processes through their consequences and peripheries. Visual sociologist, dealing with contemporary iconography and visual narratives. Lecturer and academic teacher, creator of workshop programs, currently member of the artistic and educational collective Azimuth Press. Doctoral student at the Faculty of Applied Sociology, University of Warsaw, student at the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava (MA). Musician and sound artist, currently playing in the band Mazut, as well as solo as Industry Standard or Centralia. Enthusiast of DIY / zine culture. was created in the Laboratory of Interactive Narrations vnLab at the Film School in ?ód?, under the care of studio managers Katarzyna Boratyn and Krzysztof Pijarski and in close cooperation with Micha? Szota, who took care of the graphic design and programming.

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